Chocolat Promenade

@Chocolate of miku_colors shooting@Chocolate of miku_colors shooting

It is CHECK! by taking picture of much-talked-about Instagram grammar miku_colors techniqueIt is CHECK! by taking picture of much-talked-about Instagram grammar miku_colors technique

Great miku_colors popular in Instagram is shooting for sense original with chocolate which is recommended Daimaru, Matsuzakaya! Love at first sight must be released pretty & beautiful photograph.


Woman Instagram glamour girl resident in Kansai. Was continuing posting table photo, and is authorized from Instagram by recommended user, current follower more than 200,000 people.
We won "good morning AWARD2015 SNS section" and "we beat and publish BREAKFAST of cafe" in April, 2016.

We introduce hint of shooting!

Can feel taste, attractiveness more.

We take in natural light.

I photograph most photographs in natural light of the morning.
It becomes natural hue and is finished in appetizing photograph when we photograph in soft natural light.

Using small tools.

We do not just photograph product and, for example, we serve in dish and we actually photograph with coffee which we served and repeat pages of flower and lace paper and antique book, and it is in photograph with atmosphere by slight invention.
In addition, we display chocolate at random and pull ribbon and…We keep composition with movement in mind not to become superficial.

We adjust scenery in conformity to subject

When there is thing which "wants to let you attract attention" which "we want to show" including pretty package, we adjust hue of background so that the leading role shines.
When we want to make chic, darken and boil scenery.
We think that it is good to do colorful chocolate adversely in bright background.

We check shooting PHOTO!