Plan New Year dishes are introduced especially

Chizuru Ohara X Daimaru, Matsuzakaya
Gorgeously lightly
Ohara style New Year dishes congratulating the New Year.
Chizuru Ohara
fukubuko*, Takeshi Kadokami X Daimaru, Matsuzakaya
We dominate Japanese dishes world,
Festival New Year dishes which heart and wisdom of man of influence granted.
Takeshi Kadokami
Tagui Yoshida X Daimaru, Matsuzakaya
That bar poet supervises!
〝 Urashima's box 〟. where was clogged up with various good flavor
Tagui Yoshida
Three great masters create,
Good flavor of the New Year is resplendence of all sorts of flowers.
Supervision Akasaka Shisen Hanten
Kennichi Chin
Supervision LA BETTOLA
Tsutomu Ochiai
Supervision restaurant Takaaki Nakamura
Takaaki Nakamura
We come into the limelight in dainty food world,
The skill and passion of the dishes Masters.
The sixth bronze prize
Supervision Restaurant La FinS
Keizo Sugimoto
The eighth bronze prize
Supervision Kitashinchi arc willow
Shintaro Matsuo

Besides, many New Year dishes which popular restaurant, hotel deal with.
Commencing with unique good flavor, variety was enriched more.