Regarding termination of new issue, renewal & re-issue of Exclusive Card

Starting from June 1, 2018 (Friday), we will stop issuing new Exclusive Cards and reissue them for renewals and in case of loss.

* Cards which are still valid can be used as usual.

The DAIMARU MATSUZAKAYA EXCLUSIVE CARD is issued to customers who complete tax (duty) exemption procedures for ¥1 million (incl. tax) or more within one year's time at one or more of the following nine Daimaru Matsuzakaya locations and apply according to specified procedures at a tax (duty) exemption counter: Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Umeda, Kyoto, Kobe, Tokyo and Sapporo, and Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Ueno and Shizuoka. EXCLUSIVE CARD holders are entitled to a variety of special privileges and services at these nine locations.

* Your tax (duty) exemption amount will be calculated over the course of one year, which starting from April 8, 2016.
* If your tax (duty) exemption amount qualifies you for EXCLUSIVE CARD membership but you do not wish to sign up for the card, please inform the tax (duty) exemption counter staff.
* The card is valid for two years starting from its date of issue.

  • Matsuzakaya: Nagoya Ueno Shizuoka
  • Matsuzakaya: Nagoya Ueno Shizuoka
    • * The usage of locations for and details of each service vary by store, so please check the store's customer services pamphlet or website before visiting.
      * Some stores do not offer certain services.
      * Daimaru Matsuzakaya has the right to alter or discontinue member privileges and services without prior permission from members. If this occurs, a notice will be posted on the Company's website.
      * Re-issue: The original card has been expired but less than 1 year, the card would be re-issued to customers who complete tax (duty) exemption procedures at duty free counter.

    Convenient services for foreign customers.

    Shopping with your usual credit card.

    Please enjoy the hospitality and shopping experience of well-established department store which has been loved in Japan for 300 years.

    Everything is completed in the store. Just enjoy your way back home.Tax Exemption Procedure

    Please bring your receipts to a Tax Exemption Counter, and you can make it tax-free in the store. What you need to do on the day of departure is show your record of purchase and purchased goods at the customs of the airport, etc.

    • *Available at designated stores. Some items are excluded.
    • *Please note that we get 1.1% of the price of tax exemption goods as a commission, and you get a refund of 6.9%.

    General Goods, Consumables: A total of at least ¥5,400 (tax included) for each category
    *The amount of General Goods and Consumables cannot be consolidated
    *Tax-free amount for Consumables no more than ¥540,000 (tax included)

    You don't have to worry about the Language any more.Free interpretation service

    Our interpretation staff will help you so that you can enjoy shopping. English and Chinese catalogs are available for some products. Please feel free to ask.

    Stores and Locations:

    For research and checking souvenirs.Free Wi-Fi service

    "What was it that my friend asked me to buy…?"
    "Is there any sightseeing spot around here?"
    In those cases, you can use the Internet whenever you like. Please show your passport at the assigned places of the store to use Wi-Fi for free.

    *You don't need to show a passport at Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store, Daimaru Umeda Store, Daimaru Tokyo Store and Daimaru Sapporo Store. Free Wi-Fi is available without ID or password.

    Stores and Locations:

    If you need cash, it's no problem.Currency Exchange

    If you are in urgent need of Japanese Yen, or if you want to exchange the remaining Japanese Yen to your own currency, Currency Exchange service is available.

    Stores and Locations: