Fashion works. Work is stylish.

People sapuru which is elegant by fashion of the Africa Congo. They parade around town in high-quality suit while being world LDC and MSAC. It is mind of non-war that the history of civil war produced to move men. - which takes gun home with it on clothes. Wearing that such noble thought creates cannot help enslaving people of the world. In Daimaru, Matsuzakaya of this autumn, styling that got hint from them gathers. Well, let's learn fashion from sapuru.

People "sapuru" which is elegant by fashion of the Africa Congo. In Daimaru, Matsuzakaya of this autumn, styling that got hint from them gathers. Well, let's learn fashion from sapuru.

sapuru photo exhibition notice has a lot
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 → 26th Tuesday ■Shinsaibashi store ■Umeda store ■Kyoto store ■Sapporo store ※Kobe store, Wednesday, September 13 → Tuesday, October 3 ※Nagoya store, Wednesday, September 13 → Tuesday, October 10 ※Tokyo store, Wednesday, September 27 → Tuesday, October 10

From new item of each brand in the fall and winter for wearing of sapuru
We choose styling that Esprit made inspire worked for.
We try new wearing and amorous glances,
Come to each shop with such a "feeling dressed up".
We offer wonderful present by purchase in target sales floor.



Cheerful fashion group "sapuru" which stands out conspicuously in the African Republic of Congo. It is muiengo Daniel (popular name sevuran) to have been continuing the activity for many years. He who dressed suit well smartly appeared breezily. Is smile as is dazzling while stepping on step lightly; -.

Pray that you enjoy “ fashion for peace.
If people of the world are used to sapuru; "

We try to take out own collar

Veteran having a long sapuru career is named "large sapuru" and collects feeling of respects from local people. sevuran is one of the central figures. It is situation that tells person wanting to be sapuru wearing and conduct. We asked such sevuran about wearing of Japanese suit in particular.
"We dress well very well. But we think that we can enjoy more"
In spite of being almost good impression, there seems to be slightly unsatisfactory place. We understand that collecting how to serve colors is important when we hear story.
"You avoid modest color and should acquire brighter color"

There is original style to coordinate with less than three colors in sapuru. This becomes positive thing with the times and becomes the basics of sapuru now. It is body with these rules to be able to feel consistency in spite of being the vivid clothing.
We are apt to choose calm color by Japanese business scene, but will be to be able to create atmospheres to remind of sapuru in arranging that it was different from usual times. The clothing of such sapuru should become big hint to create oneself unusual.
On the other hand, where does sevuran obtain idea of wearing from? He/she revealed one episode.
"Do Japanese people like floral design? Because generally sapuru wore only plain fabric, collecting how to put in waste flowers served as a reference very much"
We get inspiration from print such as kimonos, and it is said that we actually sewed suit. In this way, we always fuse in new essence while sapuru follows original rule.

You must not cut corners in the details

Much sapuru lives a simple life. We increase thought in dressing up while working and flock to town as sapuru when we reach the weekend. Main street in capital Brazzaville is one of the sacred places.
Not only we express emotion by wearing, but also sapuru uses accessories such as stick, pipe, pocket chief, pins skillfully. It is true sapuru if we become able to emphasize quality of oneself.
"It is that even suit of calm feeling wears accessories well to do wearing cool"
sevuran talked about feelings to detail to having devised color of thread of buttonhole from collecting how to put in accessories slowly and carefully. If it is pocket chief in particular and accessories such as pins, it will be easy to practice even Japanese businessman.
In addition, he/she talked about having found curious accessory by this visit to Japan.
"There were bow tie and flower-shaped pins. Because form was rare, it remains in impression very much"
When big change was born of wearing by caring about accessory, like sapuru original coloration, sevuran added. Fashion is right to dwell in the details.
"Everybody has good taste very. Because we improve by slight invention more, we want you to enjoy fashion"

It is always gentleman

"Everybody has good taste very. However, we want you to enjoy fashion as we think that we think about hue and wear or wear accessories or improve by slight invention more"

sevuran left such a message later.
It "is important it is pure, and to be. We were able to come to Japan thanks to the grace and were able to meet various people. We think that we must convey straight message which peace likes"
This will in feelings of sevuran has big meaning in the Congo where civil war led to. Enjoying fashion peace wish ukoto -.
If "people of the world are used to sapuru, war disappears. We want to live by having, and changing gun into clothes peacefully"
They continue appealing for calm daily preciousness through fashion. Mind of non-war that we got from experience called civil war was tied to wearing of sapuru closely. Anyone of the world is fascinated simply because noble thought is put. In beauty of that one and only.
While showing respect for sense and sapuru's way of life this autumn, “ C'est bon! When we try the clothing that is "(is splendid). Even business scene is casual scene, but should be able to surely meet oneself new.
Messenger who wore peace, sevuran told in this way and left.
"I am sapuru. It is my work"

Daniel Severin Mouyengo
sevuran muiengodanieru

muiengodanieru (popular name sevuran)
Large sapuru which is loved in 40 years or more in sapuru career by friend. We engage in work of accounts as public employee until several years ago. We retire and are spending time with family now.