No interest rate fair

Participating Stores:
Daimaru Shinsaibashi store, Umeda store, Kyoto store, Yamashina shop, Kobe store, Suma store, Ashiya shop, Tokyo store, Sapporo store
Matsuzakaya Nagoya store, Tokyota store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store, Takatsuki store

Payment in installments fees from three times to ten times are free!

Interest rate comparison list

●It is limited to use of credit of (tax-included) more than 1 receipt 20,000 yen.

●When we had you apply at the time of the product purchase at store, during exhibition period, it is limited.
(the use of "we divide later" is inapplicable.)

●As some sales floors and brand, products such as food, restaurant, each floor cafe are limited to "next month lump sum payment", we are not intended.

●The Daimaru, Inc. Matsuzakaya department store, JFR card bears payment in installments fee.

※Please refer to sales floor person in charge for the details.